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Oct 28, 2013 11:30pm EDT
. there's a small university -- liberal arts education religious university called butler university. they had a good there that that took them the n.c.a.a. finals two years in a row, brad stevens. so now the little weasel -- (laughter) >> i was on his side, i thought this is the kind of guy we need more of in college sports. bring the kids in, nurture them, get an education, make them good athletes, people, humans he takes the gig and now he's in the n.b.a. so -- and he's only -- oh, he's not even 20. (laughter) >> dave: you've got to take the boston celtics job. >> dave: why? >> listen, there's certain jobs in sports you have to take. >> dave: what about the kids and their education? >> that's the most important thing about college. >> dave: right. so he turns his back on the most important thing -- (laughter) and by the way -- >> oh, they're not going to learn because he's gone? (laughter) >> yes! that's exactly what will happen. but indiana is the home of the high school college basketball. stay there and -- look at bobby knight. he never coached in the pros. >> because he would
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1